100% Brisbane is an award-winning museum installation.

Interactive Design | Database Development | Creative Concept | Script Development | Video Production | Studio Filming | Special Effects | Editing | Sound Design

  • The Museum of Brisbane contacted InVision in need of audiovisual services for a permanent multimedia exhibition called “100% Brisbane.”

    InVision collaborated with museum curators to develop and supply two key components of the 3-year exhibition:

    First, a video written by and featuring noted actor and author William McInness telling the story of the development of the city of Brisbane.

  • InVision met with Museum stakeholders to pitch and refine a creative concept wherein William McInness would feature as a storyteller leading viewers through several eras of time, denoted by elaborate studio sets, where historical artifacts would come to life in a way that reminded viewers that the framed items in the museum told stories of real events.

    InVision planned and executed all aspects of the 2-day shoot, hiring the best crew for the job, and then completed all post-production and special effects work in-house. The resulting 10-minute video, called “A Brisbane Story,” plays non-stop as part of the 100% Brisbane exhibition, entertaining and informing hundreds of visitors to the Museum every week.

    In 2019 the film was selected as a finalist in the “Short Documentary” category of the ATOM Awards.

  • Second, the key installation of the exhibition titled “Brisbane DNA,” an interactive display featuring pre-recorded video from interviews with 100 Brisbane residents.

    The concept is based on the lauded Rimini Protokoll theatre show “100% City,” which uses statistics to present a unique demographic picture of a city and its residents.

    InVision filmed 100 green-screen interviews and created a one-hour looping video using custom animated design elements mirroring the Museum’s exhibition palette.

  • These components were then re-purposed to create an interactive touchscreen installation wherein visitors to the museum could input their own thoughts and opinions to see how they statistically aligned with the demographics represented in the pre-recorded video.

    All coding and back-end support was provided by the InVision team. Soon after opening, “100% Brisbane” won the 2017 Museums and Galleries National Award for Permanent Exhibition or Gallery Fitout.


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What our clients said about us

One of the most significant projects Museum of Brisbane has undertaken since relaunching in 2013, 100% Brisbane sought to investigate the contemporary community of Brisbane by asking ‘who are we?’.

The exhibition was the result of the Museum’s world-first collaboration with Berlin-based theatre company Rimini Protokoll, who have produced their theatre performance 100% Stat in 29 cities around the world. 100% Brisbane marked the first time their process had been translated into a museum experience. Museum of Brisbane worked closely with the Invision team to create interactive displays and multimedia presentations for the exhibition to create intelligent integration of technology in a multi-layered visitor experience.

A defining feature of the exhibition was the opportunity for visitors to share their thoughts and views about Brisbane. In a series of digital interactive tools, visitors could add their own thoughts and opinions via a number of small surveys. This data was shared within the exhibition space in real time as well as being collected to map the changing views and beliefs we hold as a city and as a community. The survey and live scoreboard developed by Invision furthered the Museum’s aim to be an active participant in the life of our city.

From the start, the Invision team understood our brief and met the challenge with enthusiasm. Invision pioneered a new interactives and executed an exhibition experience with technical complexity and quality design.

Alix Perry
Exhibition Program Lead