We are invision.

We deliver great outcomes because of our great team.

  • Isaiah Saunders

    Isaiah has been helping a diverse range of clients with an even more diverse range of media and communications projects for over 25 years. A lot has changed in that time: the scale and complexity of the projects, the technology platforms and communication methods used, the size and capability of team required to deliver outcomes… but the one thing that hasn’t changed is Isaiah’s unwavering commitment toward helping clients succeed.

    When he’s not busy in meetings, Isaiah loves to be in the outdoors mountain biking, swimming in the ocean, swinging in a hammock, stoking a fire, and savouring Spanish red wines (not all at the same time).

  • Haami Azordegan

    Haami has worked in TV and video production for almost 20 years across two continents, including 5 years at The PBS NewsHour. An experienced and multi-skilled writer/producer/director, he brings a unique combination of analytical skill, technical knowledge, and artistic creativity.

    Whether it’s a big-budget corporate promo, a multimedia training product for a government institution, a TVC for an advertising agency, or a script for a popular TV program, Haami can deliver clear communication, memorable concepts, and quality production. Despite all this, his cat hates him.

  • Hans Van Vliet

    Hans has been the Creative Director at InVision for 15 years and leads the game development team. Promoted by HP as one of their global “futurists,” Hans is a creative and passionate innovator who has carved a distinctive niche at the juncture of the technical and creative industries.

    He has been invited to speak and perform at PAX both in Australia and the US. As key creative, Hans helped develop the game “Rumble’s Quest” as part of the Griffith University RealWell initiative in measuring child well-being. His other talents include performing music and magic (no, really).

  • Emma Saunders

    After studying film and business, Emma worked in the Creative Industries faculty at QUT for a few years before joining Isaiah in managing the Commercial Production department of Channel 7 Brisbane. They founded InVision together in 2000, and Emma has worked hard to grow and shape the company, bringing her unique perspective and experience to all aspects of InVision’s business.

    A talented photographer with a keen eye for candid portraiture, Emma’s artistic abilities underpin her drive to keep InVision on the leading edge of creative media production. Emma now juggles managing three children alongside her InVision family.

  • Paul “Harry” Harrington

    Harry has loved film and television from an early age, when he would visiting film sets where his father worked as a lighting director. Harry started his own career as a studio trainee at BTQ 7, and worked his way up to become an experienced editor.

    He has worked with InVision since its inception, and is a much beloved and respected team member responsible for producing and editing the hit TV show “All 4 Adventure.” A keen outdoorsman, Harry claims that making a show about fishing and 4-wheel-driving fills the void in his life between fishing and 4-wheel-driving trips.

  • Michael

    For almost 10 years Michael has been crafting his marketing skills, working with countless clients both in-house and agency-side. His drive to constantly learn and expand his skill set allows him to build thoughtful, creative and effective marketing strategies and solutions for projects of any nature.

    When he’s not smashing through deadlines in the office, Michael can be found “living a life of leisure” which often involves cooking, sport, music, enjoying the outdoors, or just hanging out with his dog (whose name is Willow, in case you were wondering).

  • Tricia Donovan

    Tricia is a versatile and senior editor with over 25 years experience working in network television on a wide range of content including live news and sports, commercial production, lifestyle and children’s television, television dramas, documentaries, and reality adventure shows.

    Throughout her career Tricia has honed her skills in patience, time management, and the ability to work under pressure — all prerequisites for her other career as social and sports coordinator for her family.

  • Brendan Ryan

    Brendan holds the unique distinction of being Invision’s first employee, starting with the company almost 20 years ago. A broadcast television veteran, Brendan has worked in the industry as an editor since the early 1990s, both at Channel 7 in Brisbane and at the Malaysian cable channel Astro in Kuala Lumpur.

    His work with InVision has given him broad experience with digital media formats, and he continues to keep up to date with the ever changing landscape of file extensions and video codecs so the rest of the team don’t have to worry about it so much. Brendan would really love to play more tennis if he could find the time.

  • Imke Schueler

    Imke’s career in post production spans two continents and includes work with production companies and television networks editing lifestyle, documentary, reality, and children’s television. Her ability to adapt to different cultures, locations and production styles is a testament to her strong work ethic and desire to contribute to the success of clients.

    Imke’s tenacity is also reflected in her unwavering loyalty to the wildly underperforming Bundesliga football team, Werder Bremen. She is uncontested as holder of the InVision “LOLOL” award for Loudest Office Laugh Out Loud.

  • Zac Bavas

    Zac is an animator and games designer who has been has pursuing his passion in media and visual arts at InVision for the last 12 years. His technical knowledge and problem solving abilities have been key to the success of hundreds of projects in that time.

    His keen interest in programming has provided an exciting opportunity to combine technical skills in animation and visual effects to deliver creative and innovative solutions for clients. He reports that none of these skills help him wrangle his beautiful baby daughter when she’s having a mega tantrum.

About Us

Isaiah and Emma Saunders founded InVision because they had a vision for doing business differently: A business where clients are viewed as partners, where relationships are authentic and where curiosity is the heartbeat of every project.

They wanted to create an environment where the client’s best interest was always the priority.

InVision has grown and diversified over the past 20 years by asking the right questions and remaining innovative.

Now InVision boasts a highly experienced and talented team of industry professionals and a portfolio of work to be proud of.