Defence Industries Queensland promo videos launched a brand for the QLD Government.

Creative Concept | Scriptwriting | Video Production | Location Filming | Motion Graphics | Editing | Sound Design

  • InVision has delivered numerous audiovisual projects for government departments and entities at both the State and Federal level.

    We understand governmental workflows and expectations.

    We are proud of our ability to deliver high quality results on time and on budget, with successful outcomes and satisfied stakeholders.

  • Recently InVision was engaged to produce a series of promotional videos for Defence Industries Queensland. By working with department comms staff to delve deep and truly understand the needs of the project, InVision was able to suggest a proposed concept and budget that was approved with little amendment.

    InVision liaised with relevant department staff and external stakeholders to plan and manage a complex shooting schedule that included access to restricted military areas and multiple interviews with high level individuals at various locations around Queensland.

  • All postproduction was handled in-house by InVision, and client feedback was managed throughout the process so there were no surprises when the final video was handed in.

    Over time the department has come back to InVision to develop an entire suite of videos based on the initial promo, modifying and re-using elements of the original for maximum return on investment.

    InVision has also been involved as consultants and providers of audiovisual services for two high-level state government bids, both of which were successful.

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