Ascent TV Commercials are produced direct for a national brand.

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  • InVision has worked with Australian footwear manufacturer Ascent for over a decade, creating memorable TV commercials that reinforce the brand’s key messages.

    Ascent has a commitment to quality and innovation, and their “sports shoes in disguise” message has resonated with customers, making them one of Australia’s top school-shoe and work-shoe brands.

    InVision has served in a unique capacity, working directly with Ascent, pitching and developing creative concepts for their TVCs, then producing and directing the ads.

  • Diamondgrip TVC

    When Ascent launched a new range of non-slip work shoes InVision assisted in the development of the “Diamondgrip” brand, and pitched a dramatic (yet humorous) TVC titled “The Epic Slip.”

    InVision produced and directed the commercial, managing all aspects of the shoot (talent, stunts, locations, greenscreen, special effects, and shooting ultra slo-mo) as well as all post production requirements (editing, compositing, colouring, VO, music, and dispatch). The result was a well-received TVC with cut-through and memorability.

  • Lasers ‘Back to School’ TVC

    Ascent also called on InVision to develop a new idea for a “Back to School” commercial. A whimsical (yet informative) concept was soon pitched and approved, and InVision began production on a TVC called “Lasers” which features a young girl shooting lasers out of her eyes.

    Once again, InVision directed and produced the ad, managing all logistical and creative aspects of the shoot, and providing all post-production services.

  • The striking imagery from the Lasers TVC has been leveraged by Ascent to promote their school shoe range on TV, web, posters, in-store displays, and cinema spots.

    The TVC was also a finalist in the “Best TV Commercial” category of the 2019 ATOM Awards.

    InVision’s capacity to work directly with clients who prefer to develop their own marketing material outside the traditional agency model has allowed our staff to service the needs of companies like Ascent through a variety of successful brand-building campaigns.

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